Moments to Cherish Etc. LLC

BRIDAL BOUTIQUE Verona, WI (Madison AREA) bridal attire for your formal dresses, social occasions, and prom dresses, and wedding accessories.

Bongerâ„¢ Massage Tools

This is a great gift to give to help with sore muscles, tension headaches,

and stress relief. Or just buy a pair for yourself to relax and enjoy a

massage you can give yourself. 

Hawaiian Velvet Seed Jewelry Sets

When Deidre Visited Hawaii, she found these beautiful unique hand made jewelry sets made out of the pussy willow seeds in Hawaii. She brought back many different jewelry sets, including freshwater pearls, turquiose, jade, redwood and many others to offer in the store, for those one of a kind gifts. The pussy willow seeds are softer than velvet, and the fuzzy texture stays as long as it stays out of bleach. Only available while supplies last.  


Finding the perfect gift for the bridal shower or wedding can be quite a challenge. We offer a few items that are unique and one of a kind that make great gifts. Or if you are feeling stressed planning your wedding, why not spoil yourself to take your mind off things?