Weight Loss

We want every woman to be comfortable and embrace their beauty for what it is. After struggling with attempting to lose weight, Deidre found a program that was actually healthy and worked. She started sharing it with friends and family and many of our staff members have had great success with the program. After seeing so many brides, friends and family members of brides struggle to lose weight in many different unhealthy ways, we decided we needed to share it with everyone who may be interested in losing weight. Again, we do not think it is necessary to lose weight, as we offer many styles and a wide size range for every figure. This is something we decided to offer for those of you who have made it a goal to lose weight. 

Slenderiiz is an all natural, hormone-free, homeopathic weight loss program that comes with an approved food list to help you learn how to eat healthy so that you lose the weight and keep it off. It is designed to curb cravings, suppress your appetite (you will still get hungry, it just helps with portion control), and releases the stubborn visceral fat so that you lose the weight faster. With the purchase of the weight loss program, Deidre and Arlene will help coach you and help you with recipes to keep you on track.

To learn more about the program go to slenderiiz.com/amd 

If you are interested in Slenderiiz, set up an appointment with Deidre or Arlene. Not all of our staff are trained on this subject so make sure you set up an appointment. 

Deidre’s Story:

I’ve struggled with my weight since I was 15. Growing up, I was the skinny kid that could eat whatever I wanted, and never gain a pound. When I stopped playing sports at 15, weight started to add on. I had no idea how to manage my weight. I thought certain foods were healthy that turned out be not so healthy. I tried all kinds of programs, I would lose a little here and there, but then gain it back and plus some. I got to a point where I got the attitude that it was in my gene pool and I was just meant to be heavy. I started trying to accept myself for who I was, and I really struggled with it. A friend came to me knowing that I was struggling in the diet department and talked to me about Slenderiiz. I was very skeptical because I have tried so many diets and was worried about if it was healthy even though it was clearly showing a healthy food list. She explained how the developer Deanna Latson won’t even allow dyes in their products unless they are food based because she is a stickler on anything that could come close to causing any harm. She also explained how the clinical studies only showed weight loss as a side affect. So I decided to try it, I had so much energy and felt healthy for the first time in so long. My first month I lost 20 lbs!! It was such an exciting thing to step on the scale every day and see it move. I actually was excited to get on the scale every morning! After 4 months I had lost 46 lbs. I didn’t start exercising until I had lost 35 lbs. Then I started with bike rides, I missed the fun of riding a bike, with so much weight it felt like such a chore to ride my bike. Now I enjoy biking along with all kinds of physical activity and I feel younger than I did in my early 20s! I find it fun to workout again, it is no longer a chore. To date, I have lost a total of 56 lbs and kept it off! 

Arlene’s Story:

After Deidre lost her first 20 lbs in a month, I told her “I’m not going to sit here and watch you lose all this weight without me, whatever you are doing, I want it!” I was struggling with my energy between my busy schedule working as a registered nurse and running the bridal store. When I got to visit my grandkids, I struggled to have the energy to get down on the floor and play with them. When I started the Slenderiiz Program, I got my energy back. After I lost 40 lbs without any exercise, I started going to yoga and zumba. I really enjoy getting physical activity now. I feel so much happier, I have more energy, and I can now keep up with my grand kids. To date, I have lost a total of 50 lbs and kept it off! 

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